Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mormons Made Simple

There is another Sub Blogger that shares the same religion as me who is a little closer to LDS Central (Utah) than I am. In my case, when one or both of your parents are from Utah you just might be a Mormon too. These days Mormons are everywhere, could even be your next door neighbor. They usually drive a Mini -Van (AKA Mormon Assault Vehicle), They can be overly almost makes you sick nice and bring over home made bake goods for no reason at all from time to time.

There is a couple distractions like the HBO series Big love, which gives people a false impression of the mainstream LDS religion, and Senator Harry Reid as one of our members. But here is a website that will give you the straight and skinny.

Quote from the website "With all the misinformation about Mormons on the web, we saw the need for plain and simple truth on the matter--YouTube style".

Looks like their next project is StuffMadeSimple.com. Maybe I can help out with the Submarine video.

Why were on the subject. You might find this site interesting as well - Famous Mormons were you will find Mormons like NFL Quarterback Steve Young or Medal of Honor Winner Pharmacist's Mate Second Class George Wahlen or how about recent TV and media personalities like Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel and David Archuleta from last seasons American Idol. Oh and lets not forget former Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney.

So that should get your Mormon fix on for the day and I can feel like I might done a little bit of missionary work.

Other Resources and Links.

Video - Mormon Myths and Reality
Steve Young, a former NFL quarterback, and Sharlene Hawkes, a former Miss America, address some of the common misconceptions people have about Mormons. Topics they address include Church growth, Christianity, polygamy, temples, humanitarian outreach, beliefs and family.


Laurel said...

I know I'm a little biased, but I loved the post! :)

dissertation service said...

I think mormons believe in a friendly universe, governed by a God whose work and glory it is to bring his children to immortality and eternal life