Friday, April 10, 2009

U.S. Navy - Floating Brothels with Propellers

Michael Savage is none to happy about the Administration's and U.S. Navy's response to the current piracy situation involving a American cargo ship and the seizing of it's Captain as a Hostage.

Savage wonders what the Navy is used for if it can not sink pirate ships.

He says the Navy has become useless and now is just Floating Brothels with Propellers.
(I think he is referring to the integration of women on our Surface ships.)

Another comment says our submarines are only good for running into sand bars.

I like Savage but he is being a little hard on the Navy. Unfortunately the Navy can only do what they are given orders to do by regional military commanders and the President himself.

You can listen to the Michael Savage podcast in question here.

Michael Savage 04/09/09 H1
An important look at the history of naval ships and Muslim pirates over the centuries. Social enterprises with propellers are what we are now. What is the use of having a Navy if you can't shoot down pirate ships?

More Savage Podcasts here..

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Nereus said...

The talking heads are idiots. Both the "conservative" and MSM. None have done anytime in a uniform, have no clue that you don't use warships, soldiers and sailors as police and just generally act as seagulls. That is squawk, shit, leave a mess and fly away to the next topic when the current one is worn out and no longer rate worthy.

Vigilis said...

Savage's frustration is shared by many navy veterans like me. Should Capt. Phillips die at this point (even accidentally) the NAVY will lose more face in a single day than it had gained in years.

Icelandic sailors were allowed to show more grit in their "cod wars" with Norway than the US NAVY is showing to defiant pirates.

Every time the pirates collect a ransom their numbers and sophistication will grow. Lawyers ought not be involved in maintaining shipping lanes, much less in directing military ops!

Chef P. said...

Brothels? Where? Can I re-enlist?
On a side note, those chicks are not hot, but look at all the sailors topside watching. I wish there was audio with that pic.

Jeff Lee said...

As a sub JO who did a DESRON tour involving a deployment on an amphib and the USNS Mercy, I must concur. Floating brothels with propellers is an understatement.

I have no problem with integration. I have a problem with the rules. You simply can't put men and women together in close quarters in a simultaneously stressful and boring environment and expect them not to f#%&.

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