Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas - Underway On Battery Power

The USS Ulysses S. Grant - 41 for Freedom Tribute Boat got underway for the Titusville Florida Christmas Parade this past Saturday. To much fan fare and flash photography the boat made a amazing run until just before the halfway point at the judging station. So I guess I cant fly the broom for this underway operation.

We had plenty of battery power but the inverter failed and the backup inverter would not come up either.

The engineer (AKA Rich McDowell) is commended for giving a valiant effort in trying to restore power to the Christmas lights by hanging off the side while in motion.

Constructor, Design Tech & the Visionary
(Sam Ryle, Rich McDowell, Eric Ryle)

We would have went with a noisy generator, but we thought we was being pretty crafty with the stealth battery system. Next year we will be snorkeling the whole way on the generator.

Merry Christmas from TheSubReport.com

Click here for the Parade Slide Show (72 Images)

A special Thanks to those that have contributed to this project so far.

We met several people in the staging area which are very interested in having the Tribute Boat at youth church programs and other venues.

Construction and upgrades will continue to bring the Tribute Boat to full completion.

Click here To Make a Donation

Click here for the 41 For Freedom Project Website


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