Monday, July 28, 2008

McCain or Obama, Who Really Cares…

For those of you that know me, I am a huge political talk radio junkie. After years of listening and being engaged in the political process, I find myself awash. The two choices that we have for President have just obliterated my interest in the presidential bid for 2008.

I can not believe it myself sometimes, but I have hardly listened to any of my normal talk shows, like Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, Savage, Mark Levin, Ok, I pretty much usually listen to all of them, ok..

I have come to realization that after the Republicans held the Presidency and both houses for a short term, and choose to do absolutely nothing with it, there is no real significant difference between the political parties. At least at the federal level. There's the people in Washington D.C. and then the rest of us.

For the sake of discussion, it's not my intention to make the this a Liberal/Conservative bash session. Just some observations. I my self, am conservative. I believe in less government, capitalism, strong families and personal responsibility. These are just some the attributes that keep us free. The two choices for President do not entirely fit the bill for my core beliefs. Unfortunately, John McCain is to liberal for me, and Obama, well who is he again…? I really don't get the Obama craze, but there is a portion of the population that loves Rock Star type personalities and the media hype and if you think that Obama is your savior based on this alone, well have at em I guess. There's your JFK. If you are Liberal, is Obama really the preferred candidate you would have picked to lead the ticket?

So as a Conservative, I am faced with voting for the less of 2 evils, again... A proven aisle crossing Liberal and the new guy with no track record what's so ever that can not wait to grow the government and raise taxes. Not to say that the Government was not grown out of control during the Bush Presidency too.

So here is the quick fix that will never happen. We have to get money and power brokers out of politics. I would rather have the guy down the street that is running a honest small business become President then any of the candidates we get shoved down are throat every time. I have a feeling the small business owner has a lot more experience and thoughts on how to take care the economy then any of those supposedly higher educated politicians.

So my feeling is a way has to be created so regular citizens with out the backing of personal wealth and power brokers to get into politics and elected if they wished. There was a comedian that said being a congressman or senator should be like Jury Duty.

"All Man! I have to be Senator for the next 2 years! Maybe I can get out of it.."

I think that is great Idea!

But I don't think we are going to change anytime soon. So were stuck with a McCain who is just an extension of the Bush Presidency or Obama which accelerates us down the path of socialism. Step right up and pick you poison folks….

Maybe we have become like Rome were we will eventually vote are selves out of existence.



Pat said...


I have long been a supporter of John McCain and plan to vote for him in the presidential election. I am concerned however with his appearance to align himself with president Bush and his recent coverage in the media....... or shall we say lack there of in contrast to his opponent. I feel that he is representing himself as another Bush and has failed to realize (or is late to realize) that that is not what the American public (on the whole) wants from their next President. As far as Obama goes, I feel that he is a fly by night, non proven, celebrity like (just as how McCain has noted) personality that is hiding behind the word change and has yet to convince me as to how he is going to implement this "Change" other than tax me more and depend upon foreign oil more. I do not think that McCain will win the Presidency because he has been left in the dark by the media and I feel that our we (as a nation) will have a tough time in front of us regardless of which candidate we choose. I would expound upon this more but I am running out of time. Thanks for the outlet!

BTW: I am digging your blog!


esryle said...

Well, at least I have one fan on here. I'm just trying to have fun with this blog.