Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Submarine Museums Could be Ready Made Power Plants

One thing I like to do with this new blog is put down some of my wacky idea’s. Some of them are probably pretty stupid, but this is like a think out loud session for me. Some brain storming if you will. When I was active duty and decommissioning submarines left and right, I had the idea of using retired Poseidon Missiles for commercial launch vehicles. Just seemed like a big waste sinking all those rockets on barges for destruction. We could have saved a few of those old 41 for freedom boats for launch platforms and the Navy could have made a little bit of money putting satellites into space. Like I said, seemed stupid at the time, but low and behold I start tracking submarine news for and the Russians are doing just that with their old SSBN Fleet.

So here is another one for you. The country needs more power production. And I want some late model submarine museums to visit. So they complain it takes about 10 years to build and get a reactor plant up and running for commercial power. I propose we already have them built and they are rusting in a shipyard just waiting to get cut up. Yes, I’m talking about our retired nuclear powered submarine fleet. They have proven to be very reliable platforms over the years so what’s the problem with using them to supplement the power grid. This might be just one of those tall tale sea stories you hear. But I heard on the Ustafish that after some big storm in Hawaii, a Fast Attack pulled in and was hooked up to the power grid to help restore power on a temporary basis. Don’t know if that is true. Just wonder if its possible.

And how but them MTS Nuc trainers in Charleston, that is a good example.

Nuclear Power Training Unit Charleston, S.C. Web Site
The home page of Nuclear Power Training Unit Charleston, SC NPTU

also see: Russia building floating nuclear power plant

We have plenty of prior trained Nuc’s around that would be happy to run these floating power stations for us on a decent civilian salary. And we can get some former forward rates to run the Museum part of it. Win-Win situation the way I see it. So all we have to do now is petition our local power companies and the government. We get ready made clean power for the country, and a bunch of submarine museum’s for us to take the kids and grandkids too and reminisce about the old Navy days. What could be better...

Concept: Florida Power & Light Nuclear Power Plant/Submarine Museum Titusville Florida

If you look closely, you can see the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) for the Space Shuttle in the background. So we would have 2 tourist attractions for the Space Coast area and power for Central Florida. Just have to figure how to get a Sub down the Banana and Indian River, but that’s just details..



Anonymous said...

Impractiable. Electrical power producing capability is to limited to be of any use "on the grid" as you say.


Anonymous said...

If the navy was to supply the commercial electrical power grid they would fall under the DOE vice the DOD. Different rules. The conversion would not be cost effective for what little power output they can produce as compared to even small commercial power plants. (approx 8MW vs 2000MW)

Brian said...

So us foward pukes would be converted to tour guides? What a concept.

esryle said...

I guess that blows that Idea, always a Nuc that has to come in and provide reasoning and blow the works.... And tour guides get to hang out with hot tourist chicks,

Pat said...

I never thought about the use of decom boats for this but I did have an idea a while back about using the reactors that the NUCs man and run throughout their schooling to power Charleston...... I guess it would'nt be worth it though

Kevin said...

Well, for what it's worth, I thought it was a great idea. I still don't understand how it is impractical though. Maybe the TG's we have on the boat now are to small but why can't we just put in bigger one's? I aint no Nuke but I bet it would be cheaper to make something like this work than to build something new on land. And I bet it would be easier to get approval for something like this than to put a new big bad nuke plant in J.Q. Citizens back yard. Keep the faith esryle, I am with ya.

P.S. I did not know you had a blog also. I have been comming to the Sub Report for years. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

Anonymous said...

On subs, a major of the steam generated is used to drive that screw on the end of the hull. The TG's, even at full load only take up a fraction of the available reactor power.

To be truly useful you would have to add additional steam turbines. This would make the project totally unworkable as you would then have to get all new containment for the reactor plant.

This is just the start of reason why this would not work.

You are on the correct track however. We need to get off the 'one or two' HUGE plants and buld a number of smaller reactors that are pre-certified and easier to place on a site. Standardize the designs and training to run them. Mass production of the plants wil ower costs and standardization of training will increase the safety.