Monday, July 28, 2008

U.S. Navy Submarine Base In the Nevada Desert?

Alright, we need a fellow submariner to come forward and validate the Secret Desert Submarine Base. Just go ahead and spill the beans here, everyone knows about our secret operation. Man, I had some great liberty and drinking stories at that Desert Submarine Base too. Still kinda want to keep the place a secret.

They had John Lear on a repeat show talking about the secret desert submarine Base in Hawthorne, Nevada on Coast to Coast AM last night. That's a great show for us mid shift workers. All kinds of aliens, conspiracies and ghost stories to help keep you up all night.

You can read more on the linked message board here, and leave your thoughts..



Pat said...

Wow, that is some very entertaining stuff! Reading some of the comments and the original post is absolutely hilarious! Wish we went there, I want a port call in the middle of the desert! Did you see some of the depths mentioned and the conspiracy comments referring to a "well know nuclear sub lost and recovered by a billionaire that recently died"...... priceless

Subvet said...

You've GOT to be sh****** me!

Surfcaster said...

If it were not that my brother probably reads that message board (bangs head on wall) it would really be funny to me.

Makes sense when you think about it though. All the marine life beachings on the coasts are really due to the fact that they are trying to ride the bow waves until the boats cross under the US.

Dios Mio

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