Wednesday, October 29, 2008

911 Aerial Photos

I was just sent this Power Point Presentation of some amazing photos from that tragic day in our American History 9/11. These photos might have been around for awhile, but it is the first I have seen them in this quality of detail. Really brings Back the memory of that day.

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Vigilis said...

Awesome photographs. What unimaginable horror!

I have a close friend who was in there and lead his entire office out safely (despite instructions to remain). He disobeyed because he had also been there during the 1993 terror bombing when authorities had given the same advice, at first.

He still needs anti-depressants and undergoes therapy sessions, but is working full time, again.

I worked in WTC myself in the early 80s. Oddly, we know another guy who was fired a month before 9-11. The first plane wiped out the firm's entire office, killing his replacement instantly. He was lucky to be fired, but is still not working.