Monday, October 13, 2008


From: Raymond E. Ryle

Allow me to preface this by saying that I am a lifelong registered Democrat. That is a fact that I am proud to proclaim.

The Democrat Party that I joined in 1964 was peopled, mostly, by honorable politicians like Wendell Ford of Kentucky, Tip O’Neil and Hubert Humphrey. These were people who did not duck questions or refuse to answer.

I have written to Senator Obama, Senator Ried. And Representative Pelosi. I either get no answer or less than an answer with a rehash of what they have said and/or done to spark the questions.

The words and deeds of these leaders of my Party are a matter of record, so I don’t need or want a re-itteration. The questions are simple and are as follows.

Why do you want to lose the war on terror?

Why do you want to tax the people who provide jobs to the point that jobs will be eliminated or sent overseas?

Why do you feel that socialism is the answer to all problems.

These are not questions asked from ignorance but are based on the acts and or words of the Leaders of my party. Perhaps there are reasonable and important answers to these questions. I am willing to listen to and consider direct answers that honestly address them. Since I cannot get anyone in positions of leadership to give me answers, I can only surmise and what I come up with scares me.

Perhaps if enough people ask these questions, we will get answers.

All of the elected officials that I have communicated with (of both parties) claim that they want to serve the people of this wonderful country.

Where I was born, service is what a bull does for a heifer, and quite frankly I, for one, have had about all that I can stand.