Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reunited With The Past

Commander Cris Treharne, Commanding Officer of the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit, Keesler Air Force Base, MS, reunites Richard Halloran, LCDR, USN (Retired), with a piece of his past he has not seen in sixty three (63) years.

Richard was the Chief-of the Boat on the USS S-20(SS125) at its decommissioning in 1945. As fate would have it Commander Treharne's command has the Ships Bell from the USS S-20 (SS125) on the quarterdeck of their building at Keesler AFB. Mr. Halloran, who retired, as a LCDR is a Life Member of both Submarine Veterans of WWII and the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated. He resides in Gulfport and is a member of the USSVI Tullibee Base of Mississippi. Locating this bell so close to his current residents is an indication of how close nit the U.S. Submarine Force really is.

Herb Edmonds
USSVI Tullibee Base


Pat said...

Wow, COB to LCDR, he's a pretty accomplished man! Of course I would assume that COB back in those days was probably a E-7 but that is still a pretty big accomplishment! Good for him! I'm glad he had an opportunity like this.

esryle said...

I Agree Pat, These WWII Veterans deserve all the praise we can give them. They set the example and endeavored the worst conditions a Submariner could imagine.(Depth Charges) May the Lord bless them all for their faithful service to our Country and the United States Navy.

Pat said...

Well said!