Friday, September 5, 2008

My Best Pal and Shipmate is Voting for Obama!

I have done my best to bring him to his senses, because like a lot of people in this country, he only kind of pays attention politics, But my best pal and self proclaimed life long voting Republican is in the tank for Obama. He is simply voting for Obama for change.

I really tried to explain that Obama is as Liberal and Marxist as they come, but he wont listen to reason. Well, he punched holes in the ocean like the rest of us and sure has earned the right to support whoever he wants. Speaking of Marxism, a shocking photo of my best pal and shipmate has emerged. This is like right up there with Sarah Palin Troopergate stuff.
I always wondered what those FTB's were doing behind that locked door in MCC..

Can you blame him! Obama's new socialist plan. 2 hot commie chicks for everyone.

He is a great Chef though!



Pat said...

Man, i may have to vote for Obama if he promises two hot @$$ Russian chicks like that! What maintenance will be required? How will that affect my clearance status? Obama can even raise my taxes a little and I won't complain, I won't have any time to...... If you know what I mean. BerChickaBerBer

Anonymous said...

I am not voting for Old Man Mccain. The VPILF is nice, but "No thanks"

Chefs for Obama

reddog said...

I like fiscal conservatism but can't hack the fundamentalists or the unilateral wars of foreign aggression.

McCain's an old Pentagon tool. Sarah's a white trash Bible thumper.

Obama may be the worst President since---No, wait. Bush is the worst President ever. Never mind.