Thursday, September 18, 2008

World War II Submarine Veterans History Project

The State of California is proud to partner with the Library of Congress in support of the Veterans History Project, a national effort to preserve our military history for future generations. The California Center for Military History, working in consort with the California State Military Museum, and in conjuction with the California Military History Educational Project, proudly introduces its unique history project geared toward actually documenting the never before told true-to-life stories of this nation's submarine veterans of World War II.

Video Preview: To Fly Beneath the Waves


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EagerReader said...

Ernie, that is amazing. My wife's grandfather served aboard USS Kraken during WWII. In the short time I was privileged to know him, although he was reluctant to share any personal stories about his service, his life continued to revolve around Subvet Conventions, collecting books on World War II submarines, photos and of course his Polaris magazines.

He's gone now, and his stories passed with him. I doubt he appreciated how valuable his stories would have been to me and who knows who else. I suppose he considered his experiences to be shared with his buddies who also survived the same experience.

Thank God you subvets realize that the stories need to be known after you've gone. We're losing our subvets by the hundreds daily now. Among my most precious possessions are Warren Watkins' books, many of them autographed by the submarine vets who wrote them. I'd trade them all for his stories.