Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Beach

If you got some time to waste, I have a submarine movie for you that someone posted on You Tube. Like the recent sub blog by Old Coot on the TV Show "Monk", this movie was in a severe need of a Navy advisor. But for what its worth here it is..There is 20 parts in total.

All 20 You Tube epsiodes located here.

On The Beach is a post-apocalyptic television movie released in 2000. It is a remake of the 1959 film, and is based on the book by Nevil Shute. It starred Armand Assante, Bryan Brown, and Rachel Ward who was nominated for a Golden Globe award for supporting actress in a series, television movie or mini-series. It was directed by Russell Mulcahy.
The film updates the setting of the story to the then-future of
2007, starting with placing the crew on the fictional Los Angeles-class submarine USS Charleston (SSN-704). (There has never been a submarine named USS Charleston, and SSN-704 is named Baltimore.) More notably, the morse code signal picked up by the submarine crew in the original novel and film was updated to an automated digital broadcast powered by a solar powered laptop. The ending also differs from both the novel and the first film version in that Towers chooses to remain with Moira instead of heading home with his crew.



Subvet said...

"If you got some time to waste,..."

That tells me all I need to know, thanks. Think I'll go rent the original.

Pat said...

Did anyone catch the Spike TV original "Deep Siege" (or something along those lines) this past weekend? It too needed some Submarine advisors. They weren't too far off on most stuff but the areas where they were off was ridiculous.

Pat said...


It was called "Depth Charge".

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