Friday, September 5, 2008

Now Take Your Socialized Medicine and Like it!

Did anybody else notice how John McCain announced one liberal social program after another last night. It was fun watching the crowd try to get excited about these programs as he announced them. They were like "Hey, wait a minute, that's not conservative, but I will clap anyway, Go John McCain! USA, USA,USA!" Doesn't anyone else remember when John McCain was the media darling during the primaries? They loved this guy, because he is liberal like them. They pretty much appointed him to the Republican ticket. So the socialist win regardless who gets elected this 4 years. I like how the liberal commentators said the speech had no substance on what he plans to do the next 4 years. The only thing Obama drove home was that he was going to raise taxes on corporations and the rich! They are just going to pass that off to us, the consumers. At least McCain laid out some of his social programs. But I'm going to pull for McCain this November simply because he knows and practically is the military. The other saving grace is Sarah Palin. But, how is he going to keep her in check as he tries to sell these social programs to the American people. I just cant imagine Sarah Palin from what we know about her just sitting idle in the wings. So McCain/Palin gets elected, and Palin starts calling him on these social programs, can he ask her to resign? I don't know if he realized what he got himself into with Sarah Palin. He defiantly asked her on to the ticket to get the conservative base, but he is going to get the whole package whether he likes it our not. It will be interesting couple months running up to the election that's for sure. Obama and McCain trying to out socialize each other and Sarah Palin preaching hard core conservatism. Let the games begin!

Just for the record, McCain did point out that government controlled health care was a bad Idea, so I guess that is contradictory to my title. Its the other social programs he introduced that I'm talking about.

Oh yea, whatever happen to that flat tax program George Bush was talking about years ago? Ahh, never mind..

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