Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas - Underway On Battery Power

The USS Ulysses S. Grant - 41 for Freedom Tribute Boat got underway for the Titusville Florida Christmas Parade this past Saturday. To much fan fare and flash photography the boat made a amazing run until just before the halfway point at the judging station. So I guess I cant fly the broom for this underway operation.

We had plenty of battery power but the inverter failed and the backup inverter would not come up either.

The engineer (AKA Rich McDowell) is commended for giving a valiant effort in trying to restore power to the Christmas lights by hanging off the side while in motion.

Constructor, Design Tech & the Visionary
(Sam Ryle, Rich McDowell, Eric Ryle)

We would have went with a noisy generator, but we thought we was being pretty crafty with the stealth battery system. Next year we will be snorkeling the whole way on the generator.

Merry Christmas from

Click here for the Parade Slide Show (72 Images)

A special Thanks to those that have contributed to this project so far.

We met several people in the staging area which are very interested in having the Tribute Boat at youth church programs and other venues.

Construction and upgrades will continue to bring the Tribute Boat to full completion.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snoopy VS The Red Baron - Submarine Christmas Style

Along with he Christening of the USS Missouri today. The TSR 41 one for Freedom Tribute Sub made its first Christmas parade underway op at Mims Florida this morning.

It was a fine Navy Day with lots of rain, which caused the loss of both port and starboard TG's.

Click Here for Mims Parade Photos

So we were unable to play our planned music presentation and use the diving alarm. I actually got 3 blast on the dive alarm before the starboard TG (DC/AC Inverter) went down due to water contamination.

The rain did cause a low crowd turn out, but people seemed to enjoy the boat just the same.

We hope to fare better on the Titusville Christmas Parade Op next Saturday.

Enjoy the Photos..

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

TSR Sub Makes Veterans Day Debut

Even though were not done, it was complete enough to meet are goal of Veterans Day.
We set up at the American Legion Post 1 in Titusville Fl on US 1.
I had to work that day, but my Brother tells me he had a happy crowd of people come by and look as well as people breaking on US 1 as they came by to figure out what it was.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roll Out! and Road Test!

Before we got ahead of ourselves with final paint details and finish on the sub, we thought it would be a smart bet to get the trailer to a state ready to mount the submarine. Further more, since we have no well payed engineering staff to crunch numbers, we figure it would be best to take it on a mini road trip after mounting for data collection. This way we could see how well the weight was distributed as well as how the boat rides down the road with vibration. Basically a Hail Mary pass to see if 5 months of work went down the tubes as the boat broke in half going over a speed bump.

Well I am happy to report, the road test went well. We did have a minor fracture in the AMR 2 area, but we found out we are a little light in the front, which will be compensated later by the forward trailer build out.

We made a couple of stops for checkout, adjustments and to get gas, and we were turning heads everywhere. Its not every day you see a 16 foot submarine rolling down the road. I did have to give a few short history lessons on FBM submarines to a some people, but they really thought it was a awesome sight to look at. The number one question?

Does this thing really work?

Well if this thing really worked. I wouldn't be talking about it on the internet and maybe hooked up with a few South American drug cartel's for product submersible delivery vehicles. Then I could make enough money to make a real full size FBM submarine!


So now we will be able to put the finishing touches such as hatch locations and depth markings and a number of other details.

Please enjoy these roll out pictures. And as always we could use more donations for the Project.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TSR and Boat Project Update

Ahoy fellow Submariners and readers of! TSR which many you might have guessed was not operating at full capacity for about a month. I was a victim of the current Recession (Really a depression) and had to dedicate enormous time and effort in securing new employment. Like I said, it took alot of work but I am really happy with my new employer. So things worked out for the best in which I am very thankful.

TSR in the recent week has ramped back up to full operations.

Now for the 41 for Freedom Boat Project Update.

The Project Build started back in the end of May and still progresses. We would like to have it ready for Veterans Day minus all the decals and trimmings which we hope to have that completed for the Christmas Parade in Mims and Titusville Florida.

I would like to thank my Brother Sam who is a Army Veteran of Desert Storm for his diligence and hard work to keep the project progressing while I looked for employment.

We still need donations as we have put alot of money into the project that we Technically don't have. (Credit)

If you have a few dollars during these hard economic times to donate to the project it would be much appreciated. We still plan to have Donors names on the completed project.

Please enjoy a few recent photos of the project here.

The 41 for Freedom Project website

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You will notice photos of the display trailer construction as well. lots a welding!

Thank you for your continued support and readership of


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

41 For Freedom Project Update #2

Florida heat, family visits and lack of funding have slowed down the progression of 41 For Freedom Sub Project. But we have managed to get some more build done.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Forward and Stern Take Shape

Update - 41 For Freedom Tribute Sub

Completed fabrication of both ends of the sub. The front was difficult to model. Used Great Stuff to firm up the front to help mold in the metal. Also started to add bondo to hide seems and to shape and round off areas of the superstructure. I told my brother that we used EB green tape to do the job back in the day, but he went with the bondo anyways..

Click For The Latest Build Photos Here....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TSR Sub Build Project Update

TSR 41 for Freedom Tribute Submarine

The 41 for Freedom Tribute sub is progressing. We have finished the frame fabricating of the Missile deck, Sail and the forward section of the boat. We also started to tack down some sheet metal. the boat is really starting to take shape now.

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