Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TSR and Boat Project Update

Ahoy fellow Submariners and readers of! TSR which many you might have guessed was not operating at full capacity for about a month. I was a victim of the current Recession (Really a depression) and had to dedicate enormous time and effort in securing new employment. Like I said, it took alot of work but I am really happy with my new employer. So things worked out for the best in which I am very thankful.

TSR in the recent week has ramped back up to full operations.

Now for the 41 for Freedom Boat Project Update.

The Project Build started back in the end of May and still progresses. We would like to have it ready for Veterans Day minus all the decals and trimmings which we hope to have that completed for the Christmas Parade in Mims and Titusville Florida.

I would like to thank my Brother Sam who is a Army Veteran of Desert Storm for his diligence and hard work to keep the project progressing while I looked for employment.

We still need donations as we have put alot of money into the project that we Technically don't have. (Credit)

If you have a few dollars during these hard economic times to donate to the project it would be much appreciated. We still plan to have Donors names on the completed project.

Please enjoy a few recent photos of the project here.

The 41 for Freedom Project website

Make A Donation

You will notice photos of the display trailer construction as well. lots a welding!

Thank you for your continued support and readership of