Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pastor Who Helped Get 'Under God' in Pledge Dies at 97

ALEXANDRIA, Pa. — A church official says the clergyman credited with helping to push Congress to insert the phrase "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance has died in Alexandria, Pa. The Rev. George M. Docherty was 97.

Nancy Taylor, historian for the Huntingdon Presbyterian Church, says Docherty died on Thanksgiving at his home in Alexandria, with his wife, Sue, by his side.
Docherty delivered a sermon saying the pledge should acknowledge God in 1952 at Washington's New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, just blocks from the White House.

On Feb. 7, 1954, he delivered it again after learning that President Dwight Eisenhower would be at the church. Congress inserted the words a few months later.

When President Dwight Eisenhower attended on Lincoln Sunday, February 7, 1954, Docherty preached a sermon calling for the addition of "under God" to the Pledge. As a result of his sermon, the next day President Eisenhower and his friends in Congress began to set the wheels in motion to amend the Pledge of Allegiance to include the phrase. On February 8, 1954, Representative Charles Oakman (R-Mich), introduced a bill to that effect.[

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Venting Air!!

Fla. student arrested after passing gas at school

STUART — A student at a Florida school has been arrested after authorities say he was “passing gas” and turned off his classmates’ computers.

According to a report released Friday by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the 13-year-old boy “continually disrupted his classroom environment” by intentionally breaking wind. He then shut off some computers other students were using. The Spectrum Junior-Senior High School was arrested Nov. 4. A school resource officer placed the boy under arrest after he confessed about his behavior, according to the report. He was charged with disruption of school function and released to his mother.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Potential Job Prospecting

Alright my Dear Readers and Shipmates of and Decks Awash. As we all know, the economy is in turmoil and companies are pulling in the reins on spending and shedding jobs to help cut cost. I Currently work for one of the big Telecommunication companies that has been cost cutting and restructuring well before the economy went south a few months ago. Although things are looking better and they are good things happening with a possibility of a strong recovery in the next year or so, my company is offering Volunteer buy outs.

Why I consider this option, I am coming to my readership were networking is king to which some of you probably either know or are a manager for hiring positions.

About all I can offer is 10 years of rapid changing Telecommunications and Networking experience in Wireline, Wireless and VOIP fields. Other than that I use to be a steely eyed missile man (AKA Missile Tech) in which the pentacle of my Navy Career was a Instrumentation Launch Supervisor with Submarine Test Launches on the Cape Canaveral Range.(That was a real kick in Pants Job) So if you can use a Computer Telcom Network/Knuckle Dragger who is also not afraid to pick up a wrench and hammer and get a little dirty after provisioning a network, please let me know, and email me at I would be happy to discuss my qualifications further and forward you a resume.

Note: I have yet to use wrench and hammer in the physical destruction of Telcom network equipment.

I would even consider any position in public affairs/media with a Defense company or Government position using my experience with promoting submarines for the last say four years now with

I am currently located in Central Florida, but would consider relocating after evaluating a offer and the cost of living in the new location.

Thanks for any help you can provide in this potential career change consideration.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TSR Tours USS New Hampshire SSN 778

TSR had another Submarine tour opportunity at NOTU, Cape Canaveral Florida. This time the newly commissioned USS New Hampshire SSN 778. Since this Editor had to work his real job I sent in my TSR Field Reporter (AKA My Son Shawn) to document the visit. Since he can not drive yet, his Mom had to bring him down to the Boat tour. He brought a video camera to hopefully get some video shots, but the tour guide said no video taping allowed. So he resourcefully used his trusty back up Camera Phone. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Click on the Photo below to begin the Slide Show

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TSR Tours the USS Texas (SSN 775)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

STS-126 Endeavour Spacewalk EVA1

Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper and Steve Bowen First Space Walk Today

Florida Today:
Live in Orbit: First Spacewalk Today

The first of four planned spacewalks is scheduled to start at 1:45 p.m. and last six-and-a-half hours.

Lead spacewalker Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper and Steve Bowen will perform the six-and-a-half hour spacewalk. They woke up in the Quest airlock, where they spent the night in a lower air pressure

STS-126: Flight Day 4 Press Interviews with Steve Bowen

Monday, November 17, 2008

Media Interview with Astronaut Steve Bowen

There will be a media interview with the Astronauts including submariner Steve Bowen at 5:30 est.

Be sure to check up on our Bubblehead Representative in space.

You can watch the live video feed at the top of this blog at Decks Awash.

View Videos
Image Gallery

STS-126 entry


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caylee Probably Found

From Local 6:
Diver: Bag With Bones Uncovered In River Search For Remains Of Caylee

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Divers searching for the remains of Caylee Anthony on Thursday said they discovered a garbage bag that was held down by bricks and contained bones and toys in a river at an Orlando park.

PHOTOS: Dive Search, Confrontation PHOTOS: Prayer Vigil For Caylee PHOTOS: Casey Baby Photos

The dive search was led by celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. It is not known if the bones are human. One of the toys featured a green shamrock, which Padilla said was similar to items that Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, possessed.
Caylee, 3, was last seen in mid-June but was not reported missing until mid-July. Her mother, Casey Anthony, 22, remains jailed on first-degree murder charges in her daughter's disappearance.

UPDATE: Orange County Officials: Divers' Findings Not Related To Caylee

Map Blanchard Park
The Park runs along the river left and right of the Park address location:
2451 N Dean RdOrlando, FL 32817-4267

Caylee Anthony Searchers Find Bag of Toys, Bones (Photos)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Living In a Metal Tube, Becoming a Astronaut Next Logical Step

A Close Look At Endeavor's Astronauts

Becoming an astronaut was a childhood dream for Navy Captain Stephen Bowen. Bowen eventually became a submariner after being inspired by Jacques Cousteau, and was the first submarine officer to be selected as an astronaut in 2000.

Navy Capt. Stephen Bowen hopes to put his ceramic tiling experience to work on the mission when he uses a caulk gun to apply grease to a jammed space station joint.
Bowen joked that becoming an astronaut was a logical step "if you want to live in a metal tube for long periods of time."

The 44-year-old father of three will perform three spacewalks on his first spaceflight.

STS-126 Mission Information

Submerged in Space

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

United Socialist States of America

"I told you Comrade! All we had to do was wait and ask for the keys!"

I was going to write something, but it looks like Neal Boortz has it all but covered.

The Union of Obama Socialist Republics