Saturday, September 6, 2008

Submariners for Palin

If you want to join Sub Guys for Palin started by Sandy and I, go ahead and copy the logo below and use it on your website or blog. Let me know and I will list your site here as well. I have the logo linked to or you can link back to this post.

Submariners for Palin
Sandy Salt

Blowing San #1

Boomer Rider

No Slack, Fast Attack



Subvet said...

Got it on my blog! Any woman that can kill and field dress a moose is a force to reckon with.

Sandy Salt said...

It is now on the my blog as well. She is truly a force of nature. Sandy

Boomer Rider said...

Got It!

Anonymous said...

She's a breath of crisp, fresh, clean Alaskan air on a dreary and drawnout campaign for US Prez......McCain's veep choice was a masterful stroke.
A big BRAVO ZULU for McCain & Palin, the next US pres and his veep.

Cookie..... said...

Hey mate, I posted your logo in my right side bar, but couldn't get the link back to you to function. Not being an expert in "html", and not wanting to completely screw up my template (as happened once in the past),I did the next best thing and added you to my blogroll as well.

Welcome aboard