Sunday, October 26, 2008

War Eagle Pride and Marching Bands Galore

(This is a long post so please make sure to scroll down to see all of it.)

I really enjoy volunteering for the community. Maybe some day I can run for President as a former community Organizer. Anyway, for the past 5 years, one of my favorite projects has been fund raising and working with the Astronaut High School Band. Florida Today Stopped by my Concession Stand at Friday night's game and snapped some photos of the hard working Band Parents.

Chefs all. Cooking hot dogs were band parents from
left: Eric Ryle, Bill Barber, Maggie Barber and Robbi Rochon.

Devoted. Astronaut band parents staff the concession stand. (Florida Today)

The Next day was Band Assessments by the Florida's Band Masters Association.

A rain storm came in that night, but despite the bad weather the show must go on. Astronaut War Eagle Band Played in the rain and still received a Superior rating for their montage of Queen Classics. You can see a better video of the band at this contest in which the band took First Place. You might like our Fight Song here, it is conspicuously just like the old Budweiser song.

Now this next band I had to post because this is some what Navy related. Satellite High School Band puts on these great Marching/Stage shows every year. This year was South Pacific.
The Band was dressed up in traditional Navy Dungaree uniforms and the girls wore Navy Nurse outfits. They even had a working Volcano.


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