Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have Trailer. Let's Build A Submarine!

TSR 41 for Freedom Tribute Submarine

My brother an I have been throwing around the idea of building a large scale model of a sub just to see if we could do it. Plus we would have the added benefit of showing it in local parades or other community and educational venues.

We knew we would need a trailer to mount the sub and to transport it, which was the big hang up. So we put off the idea for along time due to no trailer. Well low and behold, my brother found a good deal for floor tile for his house in which a trailer came with the tile for free. So since we now have a trailer, might as well start building a submarine.

I recruited my neighbor who also has a great talent for fabrication to give us a hand. So the shipyard staff stands as my brother and neighbor as fabricators and I am pretending to be a design engineer of sorts. I have no fabrication or artsy talent at all, so really I am more or less like the expert that is on the side lines of a submarine movie set.. "Yea that looks pretty close to how it was." and I also make beer and materials runs too. I did get my hard hat from the yards from when I was decommissioning the USS H. L. Stimson. Sort of makes me feel like I'm important and fake being in charge of the whole operation.

We are attempting to build a 15 foot model of my first submarine the USS U.S. Grant but it will be a tribute to all the 41 for freedom missile boats. Depending on funding we will try to incorporate as many gadgets and functionality as we can, such as a operable rudder and stern and fair water planes, a few scopes and and at least one operable missile hatch.

The trailer does need a full refurb job, but it will be modified and rebuilt for the sub model in which we will incorporate displays and other submarine memorabilia around the trailer to create a mobile submarine museum more or less.

Anyone that would like to help out and sponsor the project can have their name on the side of the display trailer for a minimum $20.00 donation to If you are former submariner or any other branch of service we can include your former rate/rank or any other salutation with your sponsor name.

I will continue to post photos of our progress and we are opened to any ideas or helpful comments. If you live local to Florida Brevard county area and have some ideas or materials or just want to stop by for a look, please email me through website.

Click Image Below for Latest project Photos.

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