Friday, August 8, 2008

Nuke sub spewed radioactivity for 2 years

The USS Houston saga continues. Now after a few articles of vindication, I want to pick my favorite headline from USATODAY.

Nuke sub spewed radioactivity for 2 years

Spewed it says!! Don’t even bother going to the link. I figure we could just help them write the story for that crazy headline. Here’s mine:

After bottling and distributing reactor discharge coolant to several orphanages in Japan and Guam for drinking water, the Crew of the USS Houston also admitted that they removed and used the reactor core as a fishing lure in several foreign ports while going active on their sonar system killing thousands of whales and dolphins around the world.

If your going to have a headline like that, might as well go for broke..

You can add your story additions in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Wonder why no one complained about the cascade of radio active coolant gushing from USS Houston....answer is such thing happened, does the word miniscule ring a bell?
Love how the Chinese (PLAN) picked up the story.....They stole their subs' nuclear power from the Russians.....

Pat said...

LMAO, I'm not even gonna try to top that. You have quite the imagination!

Subvet said...

What, no word on the vows of silence enforced on all crewmembers, with dissenters being mysteriously lost at sea?

What about those mysterious black cars with tinted windows patrolling through the housing areas where the crew and their families live?

Let's not forget the ubiquitous men in dark suits, sporting Ray-ban type sunglasses that follow all crewmembers on leave.

The truth is out there!

Take_Vow_Of_Silence_Seriously said...

More radiation comes out of a Nintendo GameBoy.

Drop dumb journalists on America's enemies. Those journalists that survive will breed and lower the IQ of enemy nations.

Sandy Salt said...

Great stuff. Too bad that the public as a whole believes the crap these know-nothing reports spew.