Sunday, August 10, 2008

TSR Tweaks and Adjustments

I am making some changes to Just some tweaks and adjustments. One of the biggest changes is auto news feeds in the first news section. This will ensure up to the minute news on submarine events as they hit the Internet. The drawback is that you will see an occasional irrelevant story in the mix. I'm also incorporating this feed to reduce my site update times. I will look for news items that the feeds do not catch and post them on the left and in the next news section under the Robert Melly Books advertisement. I have also adjusted the video feeds at the bottom of the page and incorporated a Voxant News video product as well. Just be patient with me as I look around for some new tools and gadgets to better the website and keep it free as possible for the TSR communtiy. I would love to use a CMS product and go into a tradition full scale news site that is interactive, but the software is expensive and server cost would escalate. So were stuck with what we have for now. I hope everyone has enjoyed over the years. This has always been a one man show and hobby of mine which I have enjoyed doing for fellow submariners around the world. If you are feeling a little rich one week, please drop a buck or two in the donation section for the cause. If you have any ideas, or know of any widgets and web tools you think that might benefit the site please drop me line.


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