Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prepare to Dive the Ship!

Fay continues to pound us with torrential rains here on Florida's Space Coast. 'Historic' Rain Forces Families From Neighborhoods In Canoes, Airboats

National Guard Activated

Flash Flood Warning Titusville Florida Command Post's cable systems have been compromised. Blasted Floods!

'Grounding on the Starboard Buss!'

So my Son tells me he is getting shocked from the computer, so after some ground isolation procedures, I tracked it down to the local TV cable service which also supplies our Internet. The outer shielding is most likely grounded, as in under water at a junction box somewhere. (How do I know this? Because it tingles when I touch the cable) So if your reading this from a local affected area you might want to check and unplug the cable from your electronics. At least the ones you like anyways.

That is the only casualty we have sustained so far.....

Now this is just my opinion, you will see a lot of flooding in the newer housing communities due to the back room deals with developers that let them build in low lying area's and swamps over the past 15 years.. Luckily most of the houses in my community were built during the Apollo moon race days. Nice solid houses on high ground. I do have a drainage ditch next to my place, but it seems to be doing OK so far. It will probably be flooded out by the morning for my previous comment.

Anybody got any Hushpuppies to go with the Catfish!?



Anonymous said...

Yummmm...i love Catfish & Hushpuppies!!!

Anonymous said...

Those eight foot long guys with the green scales swimming up and down the street aren't big catfish....Use care when trying to get them into the boat. Becareful out there.....we were lucky this time....
bob melley
Sarasota, FL

blunoz said...

Glad you and your family are okay, and that you still have connectivity in spite of the grounds on the cable. I hope things get dried out there and back to normal soon.


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