Friday, August 1, 2008

Shipmate! Like Music to my Ears

Blunoz has a great blog entry on the use Of Shipmate.

Apparently the use of the term Shipmate has become derogatory and some would like to see it disappear into the PC cesspool.

I for one Love the word Shipmate. I use it on a daily basis in CivLant. I even call my Co-workers who are former Air Force weenies Shipmate, which probably does the term an Injustice.

Here is couple great examples of the use of Shipmate.

Who is the Shipmate that secured the EM Log.


Hey Shipmate! When is the next
'hey,shipwreck' episode coming out.

See, there is nothing wrong with the term here.

So be sure to head over to Blunoz's place and read his Article on Shipmate.

Carry on Smartly Shipmates!


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