Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why George? Couldn’t you have just stuck with ER?

Why do we even pay attention to these people? I’m talking about these Hollywried nut jobs, and the Rich and Famous. Yes, the ones that tell us to drive small cars to save the planet while driving Hummers themselves. Even the high and mighty that advocate the removal of our guns while having there personnel body guards and security forces armed to the hilt. OHH! And they make such great role models for are children too. Who is sleeping with who. The drug and alcohol binges and their touching, sad multiple recovery stories at the Betty Ford Clinic. I also love the various incursions with law enforcement with minimum punishment. Then they have to get involved with Politics and tell us how to think and expect us to give them some sort of credibility. AHHH forget it!! I’m done with the lead up rant for this story here:

Clooney Plans Movie of Bin Laden's Driver

I just have one question. Why?

Update: Just had a thought that these Hollywood folks make us Sailors look like Saints. Someone should pull their liberty pass. Anyhow, heard on the Radio this morning that the New Ben Stiller Movie Tropic Thunder is suppose to be a satirical comedy on some of the excesses of Hollywood. Seems relevant. Here is the trailer.

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