Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roll Out! and Road Test!

Before we got ahead of ourselves with final paint details and finish on the sub, we thought it would be a smart bet to get the trailer to a state ready to mount the submarine. Further more, since we have no well payed engineering staff to crunch numbers, we figure it would be best to take it on a mini road trip after mounting for data collection. This way we could see how well the weight was distributed as well as how the boat rides down the road with vibration. Basically a Hail Mary pass to see if 5 months of work went down the tubes as the boat broke in half going over a speed bump.

Well I am happy to report, the road test went well. We did have a minor fracture in the AMR 2 area, but we found out we are a little light in the front, which will be compensated later by the forward trailer build out.

We made a couple of stops for checkout, adjustments and to get gas, and we were turning heads everywhere. Its not every day you see a 16 foot submarine rolling down the road. I did have to give a few short history lessons on FBM submarines to a some people, but they really thought it was a awesome sight to look at. The number one question?

Does this thing really work?

Well if this thing really worked. I wouldn't be talking about it on the internet and maybe hooked up with a few South American drug cartel's for product submersible delivery vehicles. Then I could make enough money to make a real full size FBM submarine!


So now we will be able to put the finishing touches such as hatch locations and depth markings and a number of other details.

Please enjoy these roll out pictures. And as always we could use more donations for the Project.

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